Friday, May 13, 2016

Erin Fitzhugh Gregory has Flower Power!

Thought you might like to know a little about one of my favorite artists.  I love everything about her work.  The freedom, the fearless use of color and, most importantly, the happiness.  Erin Fitzhugh Gregory is originally from Alabama and has lived with her husband and two daughters in Columbus, Georgia since 2002.  Erin paints in acrylic (and occasionally in oil) almost daily in her home studio.  She knew from an early age that she would be an artist when she grew up.  Her best advice for aspiring artists is to simply "Paint often and to not fear mistakes! Mistakes in painting, especially in oils & acrylics, can often be cultivated into something beautiful in the end. 
Discipline and perseverance are key!"  I couldn't agree more.

I would love to be surrounded by 100 of these paintings!

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