Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Ottoman/Tuffet DIY

 I'm addicted to making tiny ottomans.....also known as tuffets.  I can't help it, they are just so damn cute.  The tuffet is the equivalent of a stud earring for the home.  Just the right amount of accessory without being overwhelming.  Fairfield sent me a tuffet kit a few weeks ago and I went to TOWN on this little monster.  You know what?  It was easy, too.  Not a single stitch to upholster it AND I managed to get the feet on without cursing.  A feat in itself.  As always, it's much easier to watch the video and see how it's put together, but I did include a step by step photo tutorial below.  Remember to learn new things, make tuffets and always Make Your Mark!
Ready for Miss Muffet
Showing off her legs!
Now that looks comfy!
Watch how it comes together here!
Straight pins
Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint
Staple gun, ruler and pencil
1. 2. & 3.  Trace the wood tuffet base on paper, cut out and fold in quarters
4. 5. & 6.  Mark the quarter lines on the wood base with the pattern, measure the width of the tuffet feet and mark their placement on the drawn quartered lines
7.  Drill holes where you marked making sure the hole is the same size of the furniture leg screws
8. 9. & 10. Unfold the batting, place the foam in the center and glue the base on top of the foam with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
10. & 11.  Pull the batting over the foam and evenly staple it around the tuffet working from opposite side to opposite side to make sure that it's even all the way around
12.  Trim off the excess batting
13.  Flip the tuffet and pin the fabric around it so that it's stable
14.  Staple the four fabric corners just over the edge of the batting
15.  Pull the fabric (in between the stapled corners) over the batting and staple them in place
16. & 17.  Staple the excess fabric evenly on to the wood base and trim off all of the excess
Optional: Cover the base of the undersides of the tuffet
18. Use the wood base paper pattern to cut out fabric for the underside
19. 20. & 21.  Fold the pattern in quarters, cut off 1" from the edge then trace it on poster board and cut out
22. & 23.  Pin the smaller poster board circle to the fabric and press around the edges
24.  Glue the ironed fabric to the underside of the tuffet with more E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
25.  Paint the feet with a color of Americana Decor Outdoor Living that matches your fabric.  I chose Sunset
26.  Cut a tiny hole in the underside fabric over each hole that you drilled in the base
27.  Stick a paint brush handle through the attachment plate and the hole to align them perfectly
28. & 29.  Screw on the attachment plates for the feet and then screw in the legs
30.  Add trim around the base with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and pin in place until it dries
Have a seat or put up your feet!


  1. Love, love, love... so stinkin' cute!

    1. Thanks so much Rhonda! Have a nice weekend, OK!

  2. I love it.Wanted to do my own. Please let me know the size? it is perfect

  3. How absolutely delightful ��

  4. How absolutely delightful ��

  5. How absolutely delightful!! I simply love it❤️

  6. Hermosos!!!! Pero tendre que traducir!!!

  7. Beautiful, I love it. How much fabric do I need?

    1. About 40" x 40" square should do it for this particular ottoman.

    2. Wow that was fast! It will make a fantastic Christmas gift! Thanks again!!

  8. So beautiful cheers Mark.
    Went to both links for the Tuffet Kit and the Indian fabric and both came up that the pages doesn't exist? 🤔😔

    1. I've updated both of the links for you. Check out Suzanni on Etsy, there are TONS and I've added an amazon link to the tuffet.