Friday, March 17, 2017

Fiesta Table Decor

Every time my parents came back from vacation they always had tons of gifts for me and my brothers.  It made up for the week of having to deal with my 3 foot tall (and very mean) grandmother.  More on that later.  The year my parents went to Mexico, they brought back serapes, sombreros, onyx figurines and terrifying marionettes.....I'm still terrified by Mexican marionettes, btw.  My favorite gift from that trip was a beautiful, colorful serape blanket, and I have loved serapes ever since.  A few weeks ago I got this amazing set of unfinished wood trivets from Walnut Hollow and I immediately thought of that beautiful blanket and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.   To get the colorful ombre effect, I stained them with Unicorn SPit and I couldn't believe how easy it was to blend the colors on the wood.   I love how vibrant they are, too.  Remember to be inspired by your past, make things that remind you of days gone by and always Make Your Mark!
 Ready for some pan dulce and coffee!
Can't wait to start entertaining this summer!

Watch how I made them here!
2. Unicorn SPiT
3. Masking tape and serape inspiration
5.  Drill
6.  Handles

 1. Tape off a 5" wide stripe in the center of the large trivet
2. 3. & 4. Paint the area with Zia Teal then lighten the outer edges with White Ning and darken the center with Blue Thunder
5. 6. & 7.  Paint another stripe with Dragon's Belly green and then lighten and darken the edges with White Ning and Midnight's Blackness
8. & 9.  Repeat the process on two more stripes using Molly Red Pepper and Phoenix Fire
10.  Finally paint another stripe with Lemon Kiss and blend one edge with Zia Teal to create a beautiful vintage green edge
11.  Paint two thin black lines on the sides of the center blue stripe
12.  Paint the ends with Lemon Kiss and Zia Teal and accent the edges with Midnight's Blackness (on the Zia Teal) and Molly Red Pepper on the Lemon Kiss
13. & 14.   Mix the Glaze Coat according to instructions, pour on the trivet and spread
evenly with a sponge brush and then pop the bubbles with a long arm lighter or a small torch
15.  Cover and let cure overnight
16.  17. & 18.  Mark the handle placement, drill the holes for the screws and attach the handles from the back.

Come sit down!


  1. Mark, I watch your show Make Your Mark on our local tv station. You made a great skirt with elastic on today's episode. What is the ratio for fabric vs elastic? 50%?

    1. Hi Patrice, make the elastic comfortable for you. Just stretch a piece around your waist and add an inch. Next, depending on the thickness of the fabric, double (or a bit more) the measurement of your hips at the widest part for thin fabrics like thin cottons and a bit less for heavier fabrics. Hope that helps

  2. These are beautiful! Another retirement project for me. Only 2 1/2 months to go. I will have to go back and review all your videos on YouTube!