Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Let's Make Art!

I've been itching to make a painting lately and have been googling aboriginal dot paintings and the work of several artists including the work of Elspeth McLean.  You might know Elspeth from her incredible dotted rocks!  I've included a step by step tutorial below with photos, but it's much easier to watch the video and see exactly how this painting comes together.  Of course I used my Americana Acrylic paints because I LOVE them and I finished this painting off with ALLURE Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint because it made everything POP!  Have an awesome day and remember to Make Your Mark!
You know how much I love color!
Styled and ready to show off!

Watch how it comes together here!
Americana Acrylics
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paints
Basic canvas
1. & 2.  Squirt 3 background colors on the canvas, blue on bottom, white in the center and an orange on top, and then blend them together and let dry.
3. 4. & 5.  Paint bright green cactus leaves in the center and then shade on the left with dark green and highlight on the right with light green
6. 7. & 8. Paint orange cactus leaves on the left side of the canvas and highlight on the left with yellow and shade on the right with darker orange.
9. & 10. Paint black cactus leaves on the right side of the canvas and highlight them with gray on the left side of the leaves.
11. & 12.  Pencil in circles and semi-circles for flowers and then fill them in with white
13. 14. & 15.  On the right side of the canvas paint petals in light yellow starting on the outside of the white circle (covering the edges) and then working your way in with orange and then red in the center
*Continue filling in the flowers to your liking
16. & 17.  With the Allure, made dots around the leaves in contrasting colors
18. Paint larger dots on the leaves with more paint using a fine brush



  1. Your painting is just beautiful and so artsy!! I'm one of those people that can't draw a straight line so I will have to get a template to use. I love your craft ideas and how you put the process on video. You're my favorite!!

    1. You can totally do this! Just follow along with the video and take your time. It's a fun painting to make and you can change the colors to your liking. I hope you make one!