Friday, March 10, 2017

Tribal Chair Makeover

I decided to go a little nuts with this project just to see if the new DecoArt Patent Leather Paints were up to the test of a pleather chair!  Guess what?  They worked perfectly!  Many people have this style of chair and these paints are perfect for adding a little color without cracking, peeling or scratching.  I even show you how to add trim to vinyl with hot glue so that it doesn't fall off!  Remember to add spice to everything, rethink boring objects and always Make Your Mark!
From plain Jane
To tribal inspired!

Watch the video here!
Pleather dining chairs
Americana Decor Stencil and Satin Enamels
DecoArt Patent Leather Paint
Cosmetic sponges
Fringe and Ribbon
Hot glue gun
1. After you secure your stencil in place with tape, dab some Patent leather on a cosmetic sponge
2. Carefully and lightly add coats of the paint over the stencil to insure clean lines
3. Tape around the leather/pleather part of the chair to protect it while you paint the legs
4. Paint the legs with Americana Decor Satin Enamels in the color of your choice
5. Pencil on the chair where you would like to add ribbon and trim
*I penciled along the back of the chair and around the seat to insure the trim was evenly glued
6.  Using sandpaper, scratch the area where you will be gluing the trim
*Make sure you're certain where you will be applying the trim and rough it up!
7. Hot glue the trim along the lines on the rough areas moving quickly
8. & 9.  Glue the fringe first (below the line) and then the ribbon over the top of the fringe
Nuts but I love them!

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