Friday, June 15, 2018

Outdoor Rug Makeover

This could just as easily be an indoor rug, but alas, it was my outdoor rug that really needed some love.  I've seen a few of these rug makeovers over the years and figured it was as good a time as any to try one.  At first I wasn't sure about the fabric I chose, but after a few days I was in LOVE!  It screams 1970 and every color my mother loved when I was a kid.  Remember to try new things and always Make Your Mark!
 Ready to cut a rug?

 Snug as a bug!
Watch how I made it here!
Old Outdoor Rug
Outdoor Fabric
Plastic Drop Cloth
Sewing Machine
*You only need the machine if you have to piece together your fabric to match the size of the rug
1.  Iron the fabric perfectly flat
2. Center it on the rug
3.  Cut the fabric 2" longer all the way around
4. & 5. My fabric wasn't wide enough so I cut extra strips for the sides
*My strips were measured so when I attached them to the main fabric, the entire piece would be 2" bigger all the way around
*Measure carefully
6.   Stitch the strips to the side of the main piece of fabric 
7.  Iron the seams so that they are perfectly flat
8.  Place the rug on a plastic drop cloth and center the fabric on top of the rug
9.  Fold over 1/2 of the fabric and spray the rug with a generous 
amount of spray adhesive
*Do this on both sides of the rug
10.  Roll a generous amount of Minwax Polycrylic on the fabric so that it soaks through and
adheres to the rug underneath
*Give the rug another 4 layers of Minwax and let it dry for 30 minutes in between each coat
11.  Flip the rug and glue down the corner with Fabri-Fuse
*Use a weight to keep it in place while it dries
12.  Fabri-Fuse the 2" excess all the way around the rug and let dry
 Spankin' new!
Happy Summer!

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