Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Green Faux Marble Table

One day I will have 11 living rooms so I can showcase all of my favorite coffee table DIYs!  This one I'm keeping even if I have to rent storage space for it!  I decided to jump on the flow painting trend AGAIN and create a faux marble, malachite looking table on an old thrift store table top I had in my stash.  Since I didn't have a base, I created one with some simple wood pieces.  That said, if you find a table with a base that works, skip the base building part and just get to the painting!  Remember to try everything and always Make Your Mark!
 I'm in LOVE!
 Might be too pretty to fill with my stuff!
On second thought!
Watch how to make this table here!
Americana Multi Surface Satins in Greens, Metallic Gold, Cream & Black
2" Wood Screws
1" x 4" Pine Boards
1" x 15" Wood Round
Thrift Store 36" Table Top
Tacklife Sander, Drill & Jigsaw
1. - 3.  Measure, mark, cut & sand eight 19" long 1" x 4" pine boards
4.  Mark the 1" x 15" wood round into 8 equal pie pieces
5.  Glue the eight 19" pine boards on each of the sections with Amazing Goop II Max
and let dry
*Prop the boards upright with soup cans so they don't move while they dry
6. & 7.  When the boards are dry, flip the table, drill through the base into the pine boards and then screw each board to the base with a 2" wood screw
8.  Paint the entire base with Americana Decor Metallics in Vintage Brass
9. & 10. Fill plastic cups with Americana Decor Metallics in your color scheme
*I used Green Beret, Turf Green, Leprechaun, Vanilla Shake, Gold & Black Tie
11.  Paint the edge of the table top in Leprechaun (or any color you want)
12.  Drip the paints around the table top one by one
13.  Tilt the table to get the marbled effect until you're happy 
14.  Edge the table with a metallic gold paint marker when it's dry
15.  Paint the edge of the table with more Vintage Brass
16.  Mix a 1 pint box of Glaze Coat 2 part epoxy resin, pour it on the table top and distribute with a sponge brush
17.  Pop the bubbles with a long arm lighter OR a small torch
*Cover and let the resin cure over night
18.  Using a generous amount of Amazing Goop II Max, glue the table top on top of the 8 wood pine pieces and let dry
Green and gorgeous!

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