Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Flower Headboard Makeover

For some reason I've been seeing these headboards at yard sales and moving sales.  I guess there are just a ton of them out there!  I thought it might be fun to see if I could spruce one up a bit and give it a different look.  After a month of having one on my back porch, I finally decided on flowers!  Why not?  I mean, if you're going to toss the thing anyway you might as well see what you can do with it, right?  Remember to give things a second chance and always Make Your Mark!
Sitting in the sun....Waiting for a bedroom

Watch how to make it here
Old slatted headboard
Scrap wood and 1" wide wood trim
Sander, Jigsaw, Paint Sprayer (my Tacklife tools)
Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint (my favorite paint....ever!)
1. & 2.  Cut and sand 3" long pieces of 1" wide wood trim to create the flower petals
*You will need 8 petals per flower so do the math
3. & 4.  Cut and sand leaves and 3" x 3" squares
*2 leaves and 1 square per flower
5. - 7. Paint the petals in Americana Decor Outdoor Living in Garden Party, the 3" squares Harvest and the leaves in Lily Pad
8.  Glue the petals around the square with the Amazing Goop II Max and let dry
9.  Fill the paint sprayer canister with Americana Decor in Succulent 
10.  Add 10% water to the paint to thin it down
11.  Spray the front and back of the headboard and let dry
12.  Glue on the petals and flowers and you're done!

Sweet dreams!

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