Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pom Pom Placemat Purse

Hit the 99c store for colorful, round placemats perfect for making these taco-shaped summer clutches!  At first I wasn't quite sure how this was going to happen, but stitching on the zipper was actually quite easy!  The key is using a separating zipper and making sure it measures 1/2 way around the placemat.  Once the zipper is stitched in, the design is all up to you.  I opted for colorful yarn pom poms and a very funky tassel for the zipper pull,  but you could paint, stencil or embroider on your bag....It's easy to personalize them for your own style.  I know you already have a million ideas, too!  
Just have fun and remember to Make Your Mark!
Julie showing off her new bag!
Mama's got a brand new bag!
Watch how to make it here!
Round Placemat from Dollar Tree
Colorful Yarn
Sewing Machine
Separating zippers
PattieWack Pom Pom Maker and Tassel Maker
1.  Separate the zipper and stitch 1/2 of it around 1/2 of the placemat
2.  Tuck the excess toward the inside of the back and stitch down
3. Zip the other side of the zipper to the stitched half for placement
4. Match the ends so that the zipper matches
5.  Starting at the end, tuck the excess and stitch the other half of the zipper to the 
other half of the placemat
6. Use either a matching zipper or contrasting zipper...Up to you!
7. Wrap the pom pom maker about 75 times and then tightly tie the middle of the bundle
*I made 5 in 5 different colors for this bag
8.  Clip the ends and remove from the pom pom maker
9.  Trim the longer pieces to make a perfectly round ball shape
10.  Wrap the tassel maker (with 5 different colors of yarn) about 15 times
and then tie a knot at the very top
11.  Tie more yarn around the neck of the tassel
12. Clip the bottom and remove from the tassel maker
13. & 14.  Glue the pom poms along the edge of the bag with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and clamp 
in place with clothespins while they dry
15.  Tie the tassel to the zipper pull
16.  Wear in style and let everyone know you made it!
 Style in the BAG!

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  1. This project gave me inspiration for reuse of newspaper and magazines! Thank you!