Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trash to Treasure Padded Stools DIY

You can turn almost any old wood chair into a cute padded stool in no time with this little DIY!  Grab some outdoor fabric, padding and your staple gun and you're half way there.  I snagged a pair of wobbly-backed chairs for $5 and turned them into fabulous extra outdoor patio seating.  They're easy to move around, look great with my other furniture, too.  I went wild with color because, well, why not?!  It was a super fun little project that I will definitely do again and again.  Make our outdoor spaces just as beautiful as your indoor spaces and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Too cool for stool!
 Be fearless with color!
This outdoor mandala fabric was just the ticket!
Watch how I made them here!
2 Thrift Store Chairs
2" Cushion Foam from Fairfield World
Cushion Wrap from Fairfield World
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint
Outdoor fabric *2 yards
Jigsaw, Staple Gun & Sander
Upholstery Gimp Trim
Electric Knife *You can also use a craft knife if you're careful
1.  Using a jigsaw, cut the back off of the chair along the seat
2.  If you need to, sand everything smooth and smooth out the legs if they're nicked or scratched
3.  Flip the stool on the 2" foam and trace around the seat
4.  Cut the 2" foam with an electric knife
*An electric knife is amazing for cutting foam but you can use a craft knife if you're careful
5.  Paint the legs of each stool in bright colors
6.  Add E-6000 Fabri-Fuse to the seat and glue on the 2" foam
7.  Flip the stool on the cushion wrap and cut a piece that will fold around the 
cushion and under the seat
*Usually adding about 4" will do the trick
8.  Staple the to the underside of the stool all the way around
9.  Trim the excess
10. Center and pin the fabric on top of the stool
11. & 12. Staple all the way around (over the cushion wrap) and then trim the excess
13.  Using Fabri-Fuse and pins, glue the gimp trim all the way around the base of the stool and pin in place while it dries
14.  Measure up 4" on each chair leg
15.  Wrap masking tape around the 4" mark and paint the edge of the masking tape the same color as the chair leg
*This is a painter's trick to prevent bleeding when you use the contrasting color!  Also great tip for painting stripes
16.  Paint the bottom 4" of each leg a contrasting color
Can't wait to use these!
Have a seat!

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