Sunday, June 3, 2018

Iridescent Dresser Makeover with Unicorn SPiT Sparkling

If you follow me then you know I'm obsessed with anything that looks iridescent or like an oil slick.  Lately I've been experimenting with the new Unicorn SPiT Sparkling from Eclectic Products and I'm pretty close to figuring the whole iridescent, oil slick mystery!  The Unicorn SPiT Sparkling  looks absolutely magical sponged over flat black and I am now convinced that very soon, everything in my house will be painted like this!   Remember to give your old furniture a makeover before you decide to get rid of it.  Also, don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 Love the shimmer!
The green really does it for me!

Thrift Store Nightstand
Brass Drawer Pulls
Old sponges
Rust-Oleum Clear Lacquer
Krylon Flat Black Spray Paint
1.  Clean the dresser to make sure it's free of dirt and dust
2.  Unscrew the old handles
3.  Spray paint the entire dresser in flat black and let dry
4. - 6.  Dab the Unicorn SPiT Sparkling on one color at a time starting with Golden Gosling, Sapphire Swift, Violet Vulture, Lavish Lovebirds and finally Starling Sasha
*Really dab it on!
7.  Coat the entire dresser in 3 coats of clear gloss lacquer when the Unicorn SPiT Sparkling is dry
8.  Use a gold paint marker to accent the edges
9.  Add new brass handles to bring it all together
Magical, Galactic, Oil Slick, Iridescent!
xo, Mark


  1. I too am obsessed with oil slick colors and definitely going to try this .Thanks for generously sharing your technique!

    1. Happy you like! It's really fun and pretty easy, too!

  2. Do you let each color dry before adding next color or do them all at once? Do you blend at all and is water used at all?

    1. You want to blend the colors so they should be a little wet when you're painting. Spongeing will help with the blending.