Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sparkly Sequin Shoes DIY

Just saw some amazing sequin shoes in Teen Vogue this month and thought, why not make a pair?  Sequin shoes have been around since Dorothy traded in Kansas for flying monkeys!  The key to this project is painting them metallic before you add the sequins.  Fortunately DecoArt Dazzling Metallics come in every color under the sun!  Also, it's crucial to use E-6000 glue for this project.  It's flexible when it dries and it's washable.  Have fun! 

Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue wearing $400 sequin shoes
My version!
Watch the video tutorial here
You'll Need
Slip on sneakers
 1.  Set up your shoes on newspaper
2.  Paint your upper shoe first (don't worry about getting some on the sole)
3. Paint the soles and let them dry for an hour or so
 4.  Squirt out some E-6000 glue in one area (not too big)
5.  Spread it evenly with a toothpick
6.  Generously sprinkle sequins in the glue while it's wet and tap them on to the glue as you go
7.  Repeat the process until you're done adding sequins to the upper shoe
8.  Add another coat of paint to the sole and you're done!
 My assistant, Danielle, rocking the sequin shoes
I'm pretty sure she took them home!

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