Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mrs. Patmore's Canisters DIY

Miss Downton Abbey?  Need a little reminder in your kitchen until next season starts?  Why not make a set of Mrs. Patmore's canisters?  I have to say that she is, hands down, my favorite character on the show.  The best scenes are when she's being motherly with Daisy....They always make me choke up!  For this project I used Americana Chalky Finish Paints for Glass from DecoArt.  They are dishwasher safe, have a beautiful matte finish AND for this project they worked perfectly as a chalkboard finish.  I love this paint!  I also used power tools to create my lids from scratch.  You don't have to create your own lids from scratch, there are plenty of canister sets out there in need of a makeover!  Have fun.
One for Lady Edith, Daisy and Lady Mary
The lovely Mrs. Patmore
These are now in my kitchen
See the video right here!  
Ceramic containers OR a set of ceramic canisters
Contact paper
Accent stencils (I used Botanical Garden from DecoArt)
1/4" thick plywood
Wood knobs
Sanding blog OR sander
2 yards 1" wide ribbon
Chalk (optional)
1.  Trace the rim of your container on the plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw
2.  Sand the edges with a sanding block or a sander
3.  Trace a smaller circle (one that fits inside the mouth of the container)  This will secure the lid so that it doesn't slip off.  
4.  Cut it out and sand it like you did the first lid 
 5.  Using E-6000, glue the smaller circle to the underside of the larger circle
6.  Glue the knob to the center of the larger wood circle and let them dry for about an hour before you start painting them
8. When dry, tie a 14" piece of ribbon around the knob.
9.  Cut out an oval about 3 1/2" wide
10.  Trace it on some contact paper and cut out
11.  Apply it to the container and then fill in with the Americana Chalky Finish Paint for Glass
  12.  Remove the contact paper and place your accent stencils on each side of the painted oval
13.  Fill in with paint and let dry and then remove the stencils
14.  Bake the containers at 325˚ for 30 minutes, let cool and bake again.  This will make them dishwasher safe
Write whatever you like with chalk and display with pride knowing Mrs. Patmore would be very proud of you!

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