Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Couture Cardboard Cuffs DIY

This spring it's all about big, bold, beautiful accessories!  Celine made wonderful cuffs from crushed metal that truly inspired me.  I decided to celebrate Earth Day and spring's hottest trend by making some big, colorful cuffs out of recycled cardboard and a little paint.  To harden and protect them I used Americana Triple Thick Glaze from DecoArt, which is my new obsession.  It's amazing stuff!  I hope you like making these as much as I did!
My new assistant Danielle rocking my cardboard cuffs!
Celine's crushed metal cuffs (and my inspiration for this project)

Watch the video tutorial right here
Cardboard (I like recycled boxes from the post office)
Hot glue gun
Krylon metallic gold spray paint
 1.  Draw 1" to 2" wide strips on your cardboard and cut them out
2.  Rub one strip along the edge of a table to curve it
3.  Hot glue it in a size that will fit over your wrist
 4.  Pleat two cardboard strips (about 1/2" folds or less)
5. Glue a pleated strip to the edge of your cardboard cuff
6. Continue all the way around
 7.  Spray paint the entire cuff in Krylon Metallic Gold and let it dry
8.  Paint the bangle in an Americana Multi Surface Satin color that you like leaving some of the gold showing on the edges
9.  When the paint dries, coat the entire cuff in the Americana Triple Thick Glaze and let it dry for at least one hour.
Meet my assistant, Danielle!


  1. How fun! awesome :) I also have made many cuffs with TP roll tube.. its fun :)

  2. Wow! That's very creative, Mark. I can't believe you thought of something so chic and cheap to make. Your assistant Danielle wore the pieces so well. I'm sure if exposed to the society, it will set out a new trend. I hope you continue making those. All the best to you! :)

    Mary Hughes @ Sorted-PA