Monday, July 18, 2011

3-D GREETING CARD BOX.........Great Gift!

Picture 4 
Not sure if you’re like me but I can’t toss out any kind of box.  I’m a box hoarder and the TLC network may show up at my house very soon to find me.  I particularly love greeting card boxes.  You know the ones with the clear plastic top.   I liked it so much in fact that I sent it to myself for my birthday because I couldn’t bear to part with it.  Is that so wrong?
One greeting card box with clear lid
Book pages
Butterfly stamp
Gold embossing powder and embossing gun
Embossing stamp pad
Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint
Elmer’s glue
Calligraphy pen 
1/2 sheet of plain paper
1.    Cut your book pages in small pieces and glue them inside of the box with some slightly watered down Elmer’s glue.
Picture 5
2.    Break your twigs so that they fit in your box and then spray paint them gold with the Krylon.
Picture 6
3.    Stamp your book pages with a butterfly using the embossing ink, cover with powder and set with your heat gun.
Picture 14
4.    Cut out the butterflies and pinch in the center so they are dimensional and not just flat.
Picture 16
5.    Cut a strip of paper that is 1” by 5” long and write Happy Birthday (or whatever greeting you want) using your calligraphy pen and ink.
6.    When that is dry roll the edges at a bit of a slant.
Picture 17
7.    Glue your twigs in the box, then your greetings and finally your butterflies. Cover with the plastic lid.


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  2. That is the best greeting card box that I saw today. You know, I would like to include that card in my collection of printing samples if you want.