Monday, July 18, 2011


Inspiration 8Tons of black frames make up this entire wall.  Now if you hit the right 99c store and got say 20 of them and then went to a copy machine with a cool book, you could have this look for 25 dollars!  Dip the copies in tea or coffee and they would look perfectly antique (and you would be a decor hero).
Step 2
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Inspiration 8 2
I know, dark walls!  I think they're perfect for a bedroom and for small rooms.  Use tons of mirrors and you've got DRAMA!  Mix it with light furniture and see what happens.
Inspiration 8 4
This is the home of antique dealer Florence Lopez.  She lives in France and her apartment is wonderful. I dig the mix of patterns here, the use of a Calder-esque rug and the eclectic mix of furniture pieces.  Not everything HAS to match!  If you're into hooking rugs, you could make something like this and it would be an heirloom in no time.
Inspiration 8 3
A red accent wall and a chalk board above a day bed.  Genius!  Perfect for jotting down big ideas.
Love the low shelves, too.  Do they always have to be so high? I think low shelves make a ceiling of average height look higher.
Inspiration 8 5
Here is another view of this wonderful room.  I like the mix of colors on the wall especially the powder blue.  The mix of objects and the big statement chair in houndstooth make it look like a museum.  Lots of these pieces could be obtained from IKEA and used in a different way than intended.  Never underestimate the power of a good upholsterer, too.  Take those furniture finds to someone good and you'll have a one of a kind for sure.
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