Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have always been a huge fan of paper mache.  We have such an abundance of paper and tossing it has always seemed wrong to me.  Paper mache is probably the least expensive craft project you can make.  It always brings me back to childhood and making huge messes on the picnic table in our backyard. Melanie Bourlon is a French paper mache artist and she is amazing.  Let her work inspire you.  
These remind me of the wonderful body cast that Frida Kahlo wore and then painted.
 I am blown away by the fantasy Melanie has created in her life.
 How wonderful to live with these creatures every day.
Such a wonderful idea an so simple. I would love to own one of these shoes just to keep in my curio cabinet.

This is out of this world!
I made this paper mache table for THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS Vol. 1.  It took some time but I enjoy it very much.  Cardboard, newspaper and paper mache glue and you're on your way.
Now get that stack of newspapers and get busy!


  1. Wow! Some of those, you can't even believe they are paper mache! Beautiful!

  2. I agree...can't tell if things were made from paper mache at all....wonderful!