Monday, July 18, 2011

Rope Side Table.....TERRIFIC!

  Rope Snap Grab
I hope this photo ropes you in to making one of these tables (or at least a version of it).  You don't even have to make the base, you could just do a table top if you wanted and that would be terrific, too.  On days when I'm feeling a bit lazy but still want to create something, I always opt for something like this which takes time and has the same repetitive motion.  Gluing on rope is easy and you can cover almost anything this way.  Just take your time and enjoy some good music while you're at it.  One suggestion, depending on the kind of rope you buy for this project,  wear cotton gloves.  There can be splinters in some rope and it's just better for your hands.

2 trash cans from the 99c store
Hot glue gun and about 50 glue sticks
1 table round 24" diameter
300 feet of 1/4 inch Manila rope
1 can Krylon Clear Coat 
Step 1
STEP 1: Gather your supplies and create a large open space to work. 
  Step 2
 STEP 2:  With the E-6000 or Household Goop Glue, glue your trash can bases together (to create the table base) and then glue the table top on the base.  Be generous with the glue, it will all be covered by the rope.

Step 3
STEP 3:  Once the table shape is dry, you will start from the bottom hot gluing the rope around and around your table base all the way up to the underside of the table top.  This will take some time so be prepared! HINT:  Apply glue to the rope and to the trash can as you go around to make your table very secure.

Step 4 
Keep going all the way around until you've covered the base. 
Step 5
 STEP 4:  If you can find the exact center of the table round on the top start gluing in a circle from there working your way outward and along the edge of the table.  Go under the table top just about an inch to keep the rope secure.  If you'd rather start from the edge of the table, that works, too.  It's up to you. Both techniques work well.

Step 6
I think this technique is very beautiful and masculine at the same time.  I hope you do, too.  Let me know what you think!  
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