Monday, July 18, 2011

Etsy CAFAM Yelp! Event........Awesome!

Picture 29
Last night was crafting as it should be!  170 people hanging out, drinking beer, eating snacks and enjoying a beautiful summer night in Los Angeles.  Thanks to Yelp! Etsy, CAFAM, Fiskars and Wildcat Wholesale, this event was a major success. MAJOR!  I haven't had this much fun in ages (except for that time I was camping and a very interested moose got her head stuck in my tent.  Long story, more on that later.....)
Picture 34
Thanks to FISKARS (the awesome Scissor/crafting company) we had rubber stamps and stamp pads.  Enough for everyone!  Go check out their goods, you'll love them.
Picture 30 This is one of our munchkins!  She was very proud of her 3-D greeting card box.  BTW, all of the boxes were donated by Wildcat Wholesale which has amazing product, go check them out.....I mean it!
Picture 41
Picture 31 It was a sea of crafters with a back room that had to be set up for the overflow.
Picture 38 Picture 42
Super fun couples came together and enjoyed the night.  They said it was the perfect date night.
Picture 43
Picture 44 Part of the very busy munchkin crowd.
Picture 46
My good friends Mark and Donna Marie who came to enjoy the night but ended up helping out.
Picture 31
Me and the director of CAFAM.  A truly wonderful museum.
Two of the beautiful boxes from last night.
Pulp Fiction Real Cover
Pulp Fiction Perfect Paper Projects now available at CAFAM (and all fine booksellers)

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