Monday, July 18, 2011


Inspiration-mosaic 1
I know it looks like this house should be in Mexico, but it's in London.  It's the home of artists Steve Wright and Donald Jones and they are amazingly talented.  The mosaic work is absolutely fantastic and super colorful which always inspires me.
Inspiration-mosaic 2
These colors and this room remind me of rooms you might find anywhere in Mexico.  Turquoise and yellow with dashes of red and light blue always looks fantastic.
Inspiration mosaic 3
Pink stairs, pink chairs and tons of art all over the walls......It makes me want to paint everything I own.
Inspiration mosaic 4
I have an armoire in my guest room which I've been too afraid to paint.  The fact is that I really don't like it very much the way it is.  When I saw this photo I decided immediately that it had to be painted.  I can always re-paint it, RIGHT?!
Inspiration mosaic 5
More mosaic work on one of the outside walls.  Digging the Diana and Elvis plates as the centers of the circles.
This is the living room of artist Pedro Friedeberg who resides in San Miguel de Allende.  I thought this chair was fantastic.
Inspiration 8
The Mexican home of San Francisco architects Cathi and Steven House. 
Picture 7
 Use these rooms as inspiration to make your own art.  You can learn to make these tapped tin frames and the Loteria Cross below  in
Picture 6
3 books together photo copy
Steve Wright and Donald Jones photography by James Mortimer
Auxy Espinoza is the photographer for Pulp Fiction and The Big Ass series of books

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  1. Beautiful! How can anyone not be happy in all this color. It makes me smile!