Monday, July 25, 2011

PHOTO OF THE DAY...........Dining room in 5 easy steps!

There is something about this room that is totally attainable.  For instance, the chandelier. 1. Painted paper lampshades can be made by anyone!  A little paint, a roll of painter's tape and some inexpensive paper're half way there.  2.  The plates hanging on the wall.  I'm not exactly sure what pattern they are (maybe blue willow) but beautiful plates are pretty easy to come by and I'm pretty sure you already have some in your cupboard.  If not, head to Home Goods for an amazing selection.  Or even the Salvation Army.
3. Gray walls.  Until I saw this photo I would have never considered gray, but now, I'm loving it.
4. Framed mirror painted white.  This is a thrift store find and a can of Krylon waiting to happen.  5. Finally, the upholstered chairs.  You don't have to upholster the backs, get this look by only doing the seats and maybe making a small pillow for the back.  Either way, unscrewing a seat and using a staple gun is pretty easy to do.
Check out the small room divider in the back left.  You can make one yourself.  Here's how.
Speaking of a staple gun and a little fabric.  This is from The Big Ass Book of Crafts Vol. 1. It's a room divider made from 3 large canvases and some fabric.  
 Simply staple your fabric around the frame making sure it's even.
Add some simple hinges to keep them together!
So easy!


  1. Love this room and the gray walls are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! And I'm such a dork, I stared at the pic for a few minutes wondering where the mirror was before it hit me that I could try clicking on the photo. LOL

    I have like 3 different collections of plates that I'm going to hang on my walls eventually. I have white ones, different sizes and patterns but all done in gold for the kitchen (whenever that will be finished). I might try adding some "instant relatives" to a few of them for fun. :D

    I got lucky once and found a Limoges plate at Goodwill for $.99 - and it happened to have the color for the day! Bonus! Even though it had bright yellow in the border and I had nothing else like it, I had to have it. A few weeks later, I found 2 different saucers each with gold and that same yellow at St. Vincent de Paul. Ooooh, I just realized they might be really fun in my bedroom that I just painted a pale blue!

    Then there's my small collection of vintage souvenir plates. <3 I will put those in my upstairs hall maybe (after I find more! Looking for them is so addictive!),

  3. this is the coolest folding screen i've ever seen - beatiful!

  4. Hey Mark I am here from Shabby Apple!! Megan is fantastic!!! Love you!! I am hoping to win her give away!!