Saturday, July 23, 2011

THE LIGHT FANTASTIC.........Recycling at it's best!

I love beautiful things made out of discarded items.  These lamps are no exception and I am hoping they inspire you to reconsider what you toss.
This one may not be for everyone, but it's wonderful use of broken bottles looks amazing. 
This one is made out of the bases of 2 liter bottles.  They are long and cascade at least 5 feet.  I know what you're thinking!
I made this simple 2-liter bottle Sea Creature Lamp from 2 bottles, one on top of the other.  Instructions are in The Big Ass Book of Crafts volume 1, but I'm sure that my crafty friends have already figured out how to make it.  It's easy!  All you need is some heavy duty scissors and a small cord and socket set and you've got everything you need.  Fringe the bottle and put one on top of the other and thread the cord inside...Voila!
Kick it up a notch by hitting it with a small amount of spray paint at the top for some color!  I'd use Krylon Fusion as it's my favorite brand on the market.


  1. I've seen "curtains" made from the bottom of soda bottles's amazing how they look like perfect little flowers.
    The broen bottle light is gorgeous, but I bet it's a heavy sucker.
    Love your fringey one ♥

  2. what kind of bulbs do you use - I would think the heat would melt the plastic - or not?
    really pretty all - but love the last one simple, small but really pretty