Monday, July 18, 2011


Inspiration blog 4.1
Meredith publishing has been around for quite a while and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite snapshots from one of my favorite books from 1971.  It's called Decorating Ideas for under $100.  Looking back, $100 bucks in 1970 was quite a bit.  This photo makes me want to dump my sofa and get a brass day bed.
Inspiration blog 4.3
I dig this simple felt window treatment.  It's so easy to recreate and can be done with a dowel and a tension rod.  Check out the hot pink and yellow together!
Inspiration blog 4.2
This rug is made from remnants.  Every time I'm at a 99c store I see small pieces of bound carpet in tons of different colors and for $20, you could make one of these yourself.
Inspiration blog 4.4
Doors are just huge canvases waiting to be used.  This one is really cool and with the technology for enlarging things at Staples, you could make this kind of door in no time.  Below I've included one of my favorite images that might work for something like this.
Inspiration blog 4.6
Inspiration blog 4.5
You can find butterfly prints almost anywhere. Check out Dover Publications for books on butterflies.
3 books together photo copy
For even more inspiration, check out my latest books.  The Big Ass Book of Crafts Volume 2 will be out soon!


  1. That remnant rug is totally inspiring... makes me want to hit up my buds (well, ok, not buds... just people I bought carpet from) at the carpet store down the road...

  2. Wow, I have the same book. I love these old decorating books! Do you have the Better Homes (I think) in a three ring binder? One of my absolute favorites.