Monday, July 18, 2011

ONCE UPON A TIME.........I was a full time fashion designer.

This is one of my favorite collections from when I was a fashion designer showing with the big guns here in New York City.  Many of you know that creating just in fabric was limiting for me so I decided to expand into TV, publishing and crafting.  Me and my assistants sewed this entire collection and it was of the most fun shows I had during my years in the tents.  This collection was all about female mobsters in NEW YORK.  Some of the dresses were actually shot at the police academy to allow the red lining to peek through. Enjoy.......


  1. FAB-U-LIOUS, I LOVE it!!! You are such a design Rock Star friend, I loved the last models dress. She looked like the best present ever & I just wanted to unwrap her!!!
    Big Smiles,

  2. Hi Mark,
    I loved the fashion show. So much of what you had was actually wearable. I saw Alexander McQueen's exhibition while I was in NYC in May. Very different and showed his sadness in his collections. I love what you do now.